Python version of the NFC Burner app —

Programming a Token2 C301i token using a laptop running Ubuntu 20

Hardware requirements

Obtaining the software

Preparing the environment


usage: [-h] [-l LOG] [-s SEED] [--hex HEX] [-t TIME] [-e {1,2}] [-a {1,2}] [-p {1,2,3,4}]This program can be used to set the seed and the configuration of Token2 TOTP tokens.optional arguments:-h, --help            show this help message and exit-l LOG, --log LOG     Set logging level. Levels are DEBUG, INFO, WARNING, ERROR, CRITICAL.seed:-s SEED, --seed SEED  Set the seed. In Base32, max. 32 characters.--hex true/false             If set, accepts the value of --seed argument to be in hex (does not perform base32 to hex conversion)configuration:-t TIME, --time TIMESet the time. UNIX timestamp. Use '0' to set the current device time-e {1,2}, --step {1,2}Set the time step of the OTP. 1=30s, 2=60s-a {1,2}, --algo {1,2}Set the OTP algorithm. 1=SHA1, 2=SHA256-p {1,2,3,4}, --sleep {1,2,3,4}Set screen sleep timeout. 1=15s, 2=30s, 3=60s, 4=120sExample 1 (base32 with config arguments): --seed JBSWY3DPEHPK3PXPJBSWY3DPEHPK3PXP --time 0 --step 1 --algo 1 --sleep 2
Example 2 (seed in hex format) --seed 48656c6c6f21deadbeef48656c6c6f21deadbeef --hex true



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