Can I connect to my VPN with my U2F/FIDO2 key?

FIDO-VPN solution from TOKEN2

To address this gap, TOKEN2 is currently finalizing a feature as a part of its TOTPRadius solution, to provide VPN access with FIDO security keys protection option, in addition to classic TOTP authentication. The solution will work with both FIDO2 and legacy U2F keys (WebAuthN implementation with fallback to U2F for older keys) and will work via modern web-browsers supporting FIDO keys authentication. No special VPN client installation is required, although we will be releasing VPN helper apps to simplify the user experience and make the process as fast as possible; one click will be enough to establish a VPN link. FIDO-VPN will support systems relying on standard VPN protocols (LT2TP and L2TP/IPSec), such as Meraki Client VPN and Fortinet VPN solutions. We are currently finalizing the solution and it will be a part of TOTPRadius at no additional cost, starting from version 0.2.5.



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